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Anti-Bac Lamination

Suitable for those in the medical or food trade. Ideal for business cards or leaflets and folded flyers such as menus.

Anti-Bac Laminiation on leaflets, cards and menus

We can now offer a special Anti-Bacterial Lamination – this eliminates 99% of bacterial.

The laminate doesn’t wear out, or lose it’s effectiveness. The anti-bacterial properties are integral to the laminate itself and have no shelf life. So, as long as your print is laminated, it will be protected from harmful bacteria.

Obviously this laminate does not make a substitute for cleaning. But because it laminates your print, you can easily wipe the surface down without damaging your artwork and you should still do that regularly which makes it ideal for pubs and restaurants.

In the aftermath of coronavirus, many businesses had to increase their cleanliness efforts in order to reopen, and this laminate can help them do that. It’s ideal for any print product that is going to get handled a lot, especially by lots of different people.

As it’s applied as a laminate it will also make your products feel good too and the look will be a clear but glossy finish.

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